After graduating from Southern Illinois University with a Visual Communications degree
in 1995, I started my graphic design career working nights in the plate room for the Cedar Rapids Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Not the most creative atmosphere to start graphic design but learning the print and production side was a great place to start. Eventually I started designing basic newspaper ads ranging from farm equipment sales to college
bar beer specials. I also illustrated at home in my spare time. It was important to keep
being creative even if my job didn't allow it. If you're bored, you're boring.

After 5 years working in Iowa and Wisconsin I decided to move out west to get some
agency experience. Zelo Creative Agency, run by Gary Vulcano, hired me for production
that slowly evolved into a creative art director position. Over the four years at Zelo
and moonlighting some freelance projects I met some great designers and illustrators
that still inspire me to this day. This inspiration, my professional experience and
the encouragement of friends and family prompted me to start my own company.

RyanKDesign was started in 2004 and have had the pleasure of working with some
great companies across a variety of industries. When you love what you do and
collaborate with great people, work doesn't feel like work. RyanKDesign deals in
Promotional Marketing design, (Ad design, mailers, web banners, postcards, etc) Illustration, Corporate Identity, and Video/Motion Design (Lobby Screen Video).
I'll do anything related to design. I recently joked with a client that I would re-do
their corporate office landscaping into the shape of their logo. Truth is I was only
half-joking. I don't like saying no. I enjoy design so I'll try to figure it out.

I'm currently living in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife Vanessa and sons Cullen and Bennet.
When not in front of my desk I'm hanging with the family. I never can get enough of that.


Corporate Design